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Sabrina Von Buttlar and Mr Bojangles

Welcome to the Canadian Pony Hunters Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the Canadian Pony Hunters Wiki! The goal of the Pony Hunters Wiki is to provide a one-stop reference guide to all the ponies and riders competing on the pony hunter circuit.

About Pony HuntersEdit

Pony hunter divisions are divided by the height and experience of the pony.

Pony hunter divisions are generally divided by the height of the pony. The divisions include small pony (12.2hh or smaller), medium pony (12.3hh to 13.2hh), and large pony (13.3hh to 14.2hh). The fence heights in pony classes are proportionate to the height of the pony. In regular competition, small ponies jump 2'3", medium ponies jump 2'6", and large ponies jump 2'9".

Pony hunter divisions may also be specified as Green Pony Hunter divisions. Green Pony Hunter divisions are for thsoe ponies who are in their first year of rated showing. In Green Pony Hunter classes, small ponies jump 2', medium ponies jump 2'3", and large ponies jump 2'6".

There are certain classes ponies cannot show in. Also, a rider can't ride all ponies because of age restrictions. In the regular divisions, riders of small ponies can be up to fourteen years old, in the mediums up to fourteen, and in the larges up to eighteen. In the green divisions, riders can be seventeen and younger. Additionally, a rider can't show a regular pony if they have jumped higher than 3'6" at that same show.

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